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Z136 Administrative Committee


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Committee Chair: Robert Thomas

Committee Vice-Chair: Sheldon Zimmerman

Committee Secretary: Edward Early

Committee Scope

The ADCOM (i.e. Administrative Committee) of ASC Z136 shall consist of the Committee Chair, Vice-Chair, past Chair, Committee Secretary, the administrative secretary, a representative of the Secretariat, and one or more members-at-large from the Committee. The ADCOM shall be responsible for the following: (a) Organizing the Committee (b) Developing Committee policies and procedures (c) Overseeing the Committee's compliance with these procedures (d) Appointing Subcommittee Chairs, subject to confirmation by the Committee (e) Reviewing Subcommittee Project Initiation Requests (Appendix A) (f) Reviewing responses to requests for bona fide interpretations prior to distribution back to the requestor (g) Reviewing all applications for Committee membership (h) Recommending action by the Committee on applications for new members (i) Recommending removal of members of the Committee for inactivity or other reasons subject to review by the Committee (j) Interacting with ANSI on general matters such as publication, and policy and procedure


 ADCOM Meeting - March 2003
Contributed by rjthomas
Posted by benlaser on Monday, October 28, 2002 @ 19:34:18 MST
Topic: Administrative Committee (No Comments)



Date Posted
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Document Description
27 February 2018
Clarification -- Eyewear for Endoscopic Procedures (pdf)
Clarification of Z136.3, Section Eyewear for Endoscopic Procedures -- 27 FEB 2018
16 August 2017
ASC Z136 Conventions (pdf)
Updated Conventions for ASC Z136. This revision was approved by ADCOM members on 15 AUG 2017.
28 June 2017
ASC Z136 Conventions -- July 2015 (pdf)
Updated conventions (July 2015) for the ASC Z136. These will also be linked from the main page of the Z136.ORG web site.
26 May 2017
Interpretation 201705-26 (pdf)
Interpretation of clause on Laser Barriers from TSC-4 to Rebecca Smith of of Z136.1-2014. Also posted within Z136 Interpretations Section.
15 May 2017
Retina Irradiance Clarification (pdf)
A summary of radiometric calculations for converting cornea irradiance to retinal irradiance and relationship to exposure limits.
14 March 2017
Explanation 03102017 Regarding Warning and Danger Signs (.8) (pdf)
Question about ANSI Z136.8. At It seems to say unattended 3B and 4 laser operations require a "danger" sign. However, at 4.2.7 it seems to indicate that a "warning" sign is what would be required. Can you clarify for me what the difference is? (Document is Clarification)
16 December 2016
Meeting Space Availability with ILSC (docx)
A summary of meeting space options for TSC/SSC meetings in conjunction with ILSC. This document will be updated as spaces are taken.
6 December 2016
Explanation from SSC-9 Regarding Laser Interlocks and Shutters (pdf)
Q: Does this (laser) area warning system only need to interlock with the laser power supply or beam shutter upon entry in the zone or does it also need to prevent the laser to be restarted if someone is still present in the zone (by another person outside the zone for example).
14 April 2016
Interpretation regarding Z136.7 Self-Certification (pdf)
Is compliance with the ANSI Z136.7 required by an accredited lab or is a self-certification process acceptable? Answer provided by SSC-7
4 September 2012
ASC Z136 Conventions (pdf)
Updated Conventions for ASC Z136. Added information regarding meeting minutes at subcommittee level.


Edward Early
Kevin Frey
Barbara Sams
Robert Thomas
Michael Woods
Sheldon Zimmerman


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