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Control Measures and Training


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Committee Chair: William Ertle

Committee Vice-Chair: Ben Rockwell

Committee Secretary: Michael Woods

Committee Scope

Coordinate communication of technical information on control measures, safety programs and laser-safety training. Define required and recommended engineering and administrative control measures for Z136 standards. Define required and recommended practices for establishment of a safety program and laser safety training for users of the Z136 series of standards. Respond to technical inquiries regarding necessary controls for laser hazards, safety programs and laser-safety training.


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Date Posted
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Document Description
9 March 2011
TSC-4 Interpretation 11302010 Final (pdf)
TSC-4 Explanain regarding Sections and 4.5.2 of the ANSI Z136.1-2007. Topics include Laser Controlled Areas and Tools. Distributed 15 Feb 2011.
21 April 2010
Explanation: Audio Warning Devices (pdf)
An explanation of Section, Z136.1-2007 Standard regarding emergency stops.
16 March 2010
Interpretation:, Visible Warning Devices (pdf)
Interpretation of Z136.1-2007 Standard regarding Visible Warning Devices. The interpretation discusses signage and manual vs automatic warning lights.
16 March 2010
Explanation: Section, Audio warning device (pdf)
Explanation of Audio Warning Device, noting an error in Table 11a of the Z136.1-2007 Standard, and referencing correct text in section
14 January 2009
Interpretation TSC-4 Visible Warning Devices (pdf)
2008 Interpretation from TSC-4 Regarding Visible Warning Devices


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Yuliya Henes
John Hoopman
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Wei-Hsung Wang
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