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Category: ANSI Z136 Clarifications and Interpretations

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  Interpretation -- Temporary Control Area - Z136.1  Popular
Description: When the temporary control area is set up, the personnel that are performing service are trained, have the appropriate safety eyewear and equipment, the laser barrier is installed, are we also required to have a light visible or audible signal indicating the laser is energized and operating at Class 4 level?
Version: 1 Filesize: 56.64 Kb
Added on: 12-May-2004 Downloads: 4167 Rating: 10 (1 Vote)
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  Interpretation -- Laser Controlled Areas, Hard Barriers and Tools  Popular
Description: TSC-4 Interpretation regarding Sections and 4.5.2 of the ANSI Z136.1-2007. Topics include Laser Controlled Areas and Tools. Distributed 15 Feb 2011. (Revised 01-18 to conform to ANSI committee naming guidance).
Version: 20110215 Filesize: 58.30 Kb
Added on: 09-Mar-2011 Downloads: 1527
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken Link | Details

  Explanation: Section Emergency Stops  Popular
Description: An explanation of Section, Z136.1-2007 Standard regarding emergency stops.
Version: 20100226 Filesize: 53.03 Kb
Added on: 21-Apr-2010 Downloads: 1609
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  Incidental Personnel Explanation  Popular
Description: A clarification and explanation of the concept of incidental personnel. (Modified 01-18 to conform to ANSI committee naming guidance).
Version: 200604020 Filesize: 1.95 Kb
Added on: 02-May-2006 Downloads: 2784
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken Link | Details

  Interpretation -- Visual Acuity Tests  Popular
Description: Question: For what purpose is the visual acuity test required for "incidental personnel"? Is the test designed to prove that no previous eye damage occurred prior to being considered an incidental person? (Document revised 01-18 to conform to ANSI committee naming conventions).
Version: 1 Filesize: 75 bytes
Added on: 09-May-2004 Downloads: 7440
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken Link | Details

  Interpretation of Z136.1-2014 Section (Laser Barriers) 
Description: Interpretation of barrier requirements, including labeling and testing of barriers manufactured in-house. Also clarifies barriers as opposed to beam blocks. (Modified 01-18 to conform to committee naming conventions specified by ANSI).
Version: 20170526 Filesize: 351 bytes
Added on: 26-May-2017 Downloads: 331
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken Link | Details

  Explanation: Section, Audio warning device  Popular
Description: Explanation of Audio Warning Device, noting an error in Table 11a of the Z136.1-2007 Standard, and referencing correct text in section
Version: 20090622 Filesize: 51.07 Kb
Added on: 16-Mar-2010 Downloads: 1536
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken Link | Details

  Interpretation: Visible Warning Device  Popular
Description: November 2008 Interpretation from TSC-4 regarding Visible Warning Devices.
Version: 1 Filesize: 40.04 Kb
Added on: 14-Jan-2009 Downloads: 1584
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken Link | Details

  Clarification of Measurement Apertures  Popular
Description: A clarification of the measurement aperture to be used for certain Class 3b laser systems, when aperture diameter may vary as a function of exposure time. (Revised 01-18 to reflect ANSI committee naming guidelines).
Version: 20061106 Filesize: 50.78 Kb
Added on: 17-Jan-2007 Downloads: 4435
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken Link | Details

  Interpretation -- Long Distance Beam Conduits  Popular
Description: Question regarding Z136.1-2000, Long Distance Beam Conduit Label (All Classes except Class 1) - Does long distance beam conduits include fiber optic cables?
Version: 1 Filesize: 38.09 Kb
Added on: 12-May-2004 Downloads: 3595
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